“Research Project”

During mi “Master of Advanced Studies in Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship” in l’Ecal. I did a final project focused in a research about textiles and vacuum thermoforming techniques. The objective is create electronic goods, using thermoforming textiles bodies. The benefits of this new technique for do this kind of products are: reduced the environment impact. Also decrease the investment in molds and lower the unit cost. Interested also in a flexible properties and possibilities of new ergonomics.Process was focus in a deep research of textiles can be thermoformed.
The basics are find a material with a bit polymeric composition for do the thermoforming and a textile that not pierce air for do a perfect vacuum. Kvadrat have the Waterborn series, the composition of it’s 15% polyurethane and 85% polyester. Also is waterproof, perfect for resist the outdoor environments. When I find the perfect textile, I started to do samplers for put in a limit the elasticity of the material, I needed to observe what deep volumes I can’t do with the material. I discovered that material thermoformed well if I use a simple foam slice, it helps
the textile got a form in a perfect harmony with out creases. Also I can determinate the perfect temperature and vacuum time. Next step was find and assemble the electronic components for do the radio. The performance was a 3w speaker. With a Lithium Battery and 5V. When the electronic structure was ready I stich the radio with cow leather in a craftsman workshop.


“Reinventing the Xurro”

Adi-Fad invites me to participate with Comaxurros in the DEMO Festival program. The context was find new concepts for reinvent the traditional xurros. I create some proposals focused in different scenarios. Like reinterpret the rituals, kind of extrusions or metamorphosis between xurros annd another elements. Some “Food Design” concepts I presented in the exhibition are. “Oyster xurro”, “Twist xurro”, “French Fries xurro”, “Pinxo xurro” and the “Degustation Menu”.


“Erosion Metamorphosis”

During mi “Master of Advanced Studies in Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship” in l’Ecal.
I did a shelve collection for the showcase of Hermes. The concept was do a showcase playing with the metamorphosis. I reinterpret this concept with the natural erosion. I create a basic ash wood shelve structure, that in some corners I erode it with a craftsman technique I discovering this method trying some wood transformation techniques.I The product would to express the “Savoir Faire” and philosophy of this iconic French company.



This compilation of this sculptural works, pretends to show what references are going the studio, or other art works as paintings and murals, like the ones you can see at sites like www.muraledesign.com. With this kind of pieces I feel free for experiment with materials combinations, aesthetics, textures, industrial processes, color, trends…I can’t imagine create something different if I can’t going a step further from the established.