• Guggenheim Bilbao coasters. Jordi Pla

    Guggenheim Bilbao coasters. Spain 2018.

    Material: Pvc. In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the museum. Guggenheim Bilbao commissioned this line of […]

  • bow

    BOW bottle opener. WMF. Germany 2017.

    Material: Polyamide, stainless steel and silicone. The Bow opener aims to rethink the traditional bottle opener and […]

  • Ice Block

    Ice Block collection. Lékué. Barcelona 2015.

    Material: Platinium Silicone. Ice block moulds collections was created for cool faster and for a long time. […]

  • Gong Repeater. Vacheron Constantin

    Gong Repeater.Vacheron Constantin. Geneve 2014.

    Material: Aluminium, brass, electronic components, plexiglass. The concept of Gong Repeater is directly inspired from the mechanical […]

  • Stack Stopper_Baccarat_Jordi Pla

    StackStopper.Baccarat.Paris 2014.

    Material: Glass, anodized aluminium, cork and rubber. On occasion of 250th Anniversary of Baccarat. They propose to Ecal […]

  • Flavour Straw_Remy Martin_Jordi Pla

    Flavour Straw.Remy Martin.France 2014.

    Material: Glass Size: Ø: 35mm x 232 Remy Martin Straw is a new flavour experience. When you sip your […]

  • Pattern bag. E Callatay. Jordi Pla

    Pattern Bag.Etablissements Callataÿ.Paris.2014.

    Material: Leather, Steal cut pattern. Pattern Bag, is based to reuse Callataÿ excess skin that used to […]

  • Saturn clock

    SATURN Clock.Karlsson.The Netherlands.2013.

    Material: Polypropilene Size: Ø: 50 cm AA 1 batt The Saturn clock  is inspired by mythology […]

  • bop_chair

    BOP Chair. Normann Copenhagen. Denmark 2013.

    Material:Lacquered Ash Size: Height: 74,5 cm Length 47cm Ø: 50 cm The Bop Chair is a […]

  • bop_table

    BOP Table. Normann Copenhagen. Denmark 2013.

    Material: Lacquered Ash Size: Height: 75cm Length 175 cm Ø: 90 cm The Bop table is […]

  • slices

    SLICES&LOTUS. Karlsson. The Netherlands 2013.

    Fresh clocks collection. Made in polypropylene. Slices born when I made two questions: What does the […]

  • dew

    DEW dish-rack. Mit-Legend. Taiwan 2013.

    Natural dish-rack in one piece. Made in polypropylene. DEW is just a gesture, a single body, […]

  • bakeball

    BAKEBALL BAT. Suck.Uk. London 2012.

    Rolling pins for baseball fans. Made in 100% Sustainable Wood. We will be the first to […]

  • Collection of molds for making eggs with ingredients. Made in Platinum Silicone.

    OVO. Lékué. Barcelona 2011.

    Collection of molds for making eggs with ingredients. Made in Platinum Silicone. Patented. Cook eggs in […]

  • Plug cans made in polycarbonate and polypropylene.

    TUIYO. Mit-Legend. Taiwan 2011.

    Plug cans made in polycarbonate and polypropylene. TUIYO, a kitchen storage set wants to give another […]

  • Original toilet brush made in polypropylene.

    KAKAK. Jordi Pla Studio. Barcelona 2010.

    Original toilet brush made in polypropylene. Kakak’s project was developed from the idea of the human […]

  • Strainer made in polypropylene.

    COMMANDER COLANDER. Jordi Pla Studio.Barcelona 2010.

    Strainer made in polypropylene. This iconic product was born from an ironic wink of humor, where […]

  • salad, fruit and snacks ceramic bowls collection.

    KOBE. Jordi Pla Studio.Barcelona 2010.

    Collection of bowls for salads, fruits, snacks and sauceboats. Made in ceramic. Kobe collection transmits originality […]

  • Steel, aluminium, rubber and vinyl glasses collection.

    LUNETTES. Zen-Eyewear. Barcelona 2009.

    The collection of Zen Eyewear glasses is composed of twelve models made in different materials: Steel, […]

  • Methacrylate and aluminium. CAROLINA HERRERA 212. Barcelona 2009.

    CAROLINA HERRERA 212. Packaging Concept. Barcelona 2009.

    Vertigo Graphix (Creative & Art direction) & Grupo Puig. Barcelona 2009. Packaging concept. Methacrylate and aluminium. […]

  • Flexible steel stool in aluminium.

    OX STOOL. Jordi Pla Studio.Barcelona 2008.

    Self-production. Steel frame stoll. Flexible saddle with steel cables anchored. Photo:Albert Font Project available to produce.